Tips from Chef J Wellness Coach/Chef

Want to stay healthy and hydrated during this pandemic? Follow these three tips to help jumpstart yourself into being the best version you can.

Due to COVID-19, there has been a lot of downtime that we have been placed in. With this sudden interruption to our daily life the urge to eat more unhealthy items may start to kick in. In trying times, it’s always good to stay focused and continue on the path to living and being our best self. So, I have included some tips that can help you to continue being healthy and hydrated during this pandemic. By following these simple steps, you will notice changes not only to your body but to your thought processes as well.

1. Keep a Food Diary

- Tracking your food intake (good or bad) helps to visualize what you are eating and also keeps you accountable for those unnecessary calories.

2. Big Water Bottle

- Filling up a water bottle that’s 64 oz. or more in the morning will help you in staying hydrated. Looking at that water and visually seeing how much you have left throughout the day will help push you to drink more.

3. Exercise Apps

- Downloading exercise apps that fit your workout needs can help to keep you active and help give you a reprieve from the current events going on.

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