Warning Signs of Health Issues

The body gives you signs of everything. Are you paying attention? 

This is a list of Warning signs of conditions that can impact your health in a negative way 

1. Diabetes 

Being diabetic complicates a personal relationship with food. Diabetes Mellitus or Diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels.  The condition occurs because the pancreas cannot produce enough hormone that balances blood sugar or because the cells are unable to respond to the hormone the body releases to control it. Early detection is always key.

Warning signs of Diabetes:

1.Urinating often


3. Issues with vision 

4. Excessive hunger 

5. Unexplained weight loss 

6. Tired & fatigue 

7. Burning sensation in legs & feet

8. Oral health problems 

9. Various infections (UTI & Dental infections)

10. Problems with wound & infections healing

2. Heart problems 

Atherosclerosis is the most common cause of cardiovascular disease caused by unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, obesity & smoking. 

Warning signs of Heart problems:

1. Irregular heartbeat 

2. Vomiting & stomach pain 

3. Exhaustion

4. Jaw pain that has travel 

5. Snoring 

6. Persistent cough 

7. Chest pain 

3. Gut issues 

Chrons disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes pain, diarrhea, fever & weightloss. 

Celiac disease is adversely affected by gluten. 

Ulcerative colitis causes inflammation and ulcers in the colon & rectum.

All 3 issues can affect the body's ability to absorb nutrients from food. 

4. Depression 

Depression is a complex condition that has mental & physical symptoms that interfere with an individual's ability to function day today.

Warning signs of Depression:

1. Persistent sadness 

2. Self-loathing 

3. Loss of interest in all activities 

4. Irritability & isolation 

5. Anxiety 

6. Loss of energy 

7. Disturbed sleep patterns 

8. Change in reckless behavior 

9. Change in appetite & bodyweight 

10. Suicidal tendencies 

Inclusion: regular consumption of fast food causes a variety of health issues. One study in Public Health Nutrition stated people who eat fast food are 51% more likely to develop depression. Foods served in fast food restaurants are higher in calories & contain trans-fat and hydrogenated oils. This food causes systemic inflammation affecting the neurotransmitters that regulate mood. This inflammation may lead to depression or cause depression symptoms to worsen. 

Essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals can reduce depression symptoms. 

These foods can trigger depression symptoms:

1. Processed foods 

2. Artificial sweeteners 

3. High sodium foods 

4. Refined sugar 

5. Hydrogenated oils

6. Alcohol 

7. Caffeine 


9. GMOs & conventional foods 

10. Fast foods 

Seek medical attention for any symptoms or complications that your body is telling you. 


- Chef J 

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